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July 27, 2006


Well. As I've gotten a couple of inquiries in recent days about whether I'm alive or not, I thought I'd just affirm that I am. Apparently, when one doesn't update a blog in almost a year, some people start to wonder.

Go figure.

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January 09, 2005

Wow, it's January

January, already. How'd that happen?

I went to New Orleans briefly for New Year's and to visit the usual suspects who live there. Was a quick escape trip. Weird time of year to go there. I forgot that New Year's in New Orleans -- where the Superdome is located -- would mean football. The Sugarbowl, which I gather is a big deal college football game, happened when I was there. So, for the first few days, I was trying to avoid the extra 25,000 people who were in town -- many many of them were dressed in dayglo orange & burgundy (one of the team's colors -- what an odd color combo!).

But other than trying to avoid getting caught up in the dayglo orange-clad throngs, the trip was low-key and pleasant. It was nice to briefly see friends.


Got back a couple of days ago and have been working on a couple of things for Suffering is Hip's Poe Fest section -- January 19th is Poe's birthday and I like to cough at least a little something up in honor of his birthday.

I haven't yet posted the official announcement of these two items yet in the SepulchriNews blog -- as I'm waiting until Poe's birthday to do that. But I've already finished the pages and uploaded them on the site, so I'm posting here the links as a "sneak preview."

The first new item is the 2005 Edgar Allan Poe birthday card. (Flash req'd to view it)

The second item is a reprinting of one of Poe's lesser-known humor pieces. The story is a satirical piece Poe wrote in response to some of the cultural critics of his day who'd been calling into question his moral values as well as those of his published works.

How oddly timely, I thought when I happened to reread this piece recently. I howled with laughter at how bitchy and sarcastic Poe could be sometimes (especially on those occasions when he would take on his particular critics). He certainly didn't attempt the usually futile gesture of trying to argue a higher moral ground back at them. Nope. He just rolled the entire notion up into a spitball and threw it back in their collective faces -- as well as offering this advice, which happens to also be the title of this story: Never Bet the Devil Your Head.

Oh, Edgar, Edgar .....

Only 10 more days to Poe Day!

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January 16, 2004

Like the Redesign?

Did a little redesigning of the blog -- still working out a couple of the kinks here and there.

I think I'll call this Extispicy's Blue period .....

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November 10, 2003

Sundry Site Updates

Been working on a few things in the last few weeks. A lot of site updates -- both for Bat Cafe and also over on Suffering is Hip. You can find the latest SiH updates here: SepulchriNews: Site Updates Archives.

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November 04, 2003

Bat Cafe Site Updates

Been working on some stuff on my Bat Cafe site, including a redesign of the home page with its new logo.

The Shoppe section is new.

Still working on a redo of the writing section.

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October 09, 2003

New Blog/Editors Page for Sepulchritude

Over on Sepulchritude, Kallisti put together a new blog called SepulchriNews for the four Sepulchritude editors (Kallisti, Melusine, le Marquis, and moi) to use. Its main function is for us to be able to announce our new and upcoming material, although we're intending to use it for a couple other things as well. Including general blather, no doubt.

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June 28, 2003

Rousseau's Birthday

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born in 1712 on this day.


I made a quickie animated tribute (sorta) in honor of the occasion this morning and posted it online.

However, if you are unacquainted with my Polar Opposites farce animation, I must offer a little disclaimer that this "birthday card" isn't really to Rousseau as Rousseau but to satire penguin Rousseau character in the animation I'm doing.

And yet even more of a disclaimer -- as admittedly, Polar Opposites is pretty difficult to be well-acquainted with even if you've seen it. It's rather one of my more off-the-deep-end projects and not for those easily irritated at semi-pointless silly things.

Actually, should take this opportunity to mention that I'm currently working on the animation series and should have some more pieces of it online in the near future. (Puffins and penguins and philosophes! Oh, my!)

So, for the sake of a little amusement (or possibly bemusement), I present the Flash animation I did up this morning:

Joyeaux Anniversaire, Rousseau

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January 19, 2003

Happy Poe Day


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November 26, 2002

First Post in MT ....

This marks my first post using Movable Type instead of Blogger. Wow, Movable Type is very nice.

And it wasn't as horrific nor intimidating to set up as all the instructions made it seem like it might be. Although I had to get in the mood to stare at all the coding .....

My older blog entries were done using Blogger, and like I've noticed lots of people mentioning themselves, Blogger's irritating. Half the time, I'd end up fighting with my archive files when I tried to post a little something. As I have been fairly remiss about posting anything often, I really was not inspired to try to do a bit more blathering since I always ended up wasting so much time with Blogger's uncooperative tendencies.

I'll see if I can successfully import the Blogger entries into this now.

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November 08, 2002

Bats on Postage Stamps

A couple of years back, I wrote an article for Suffering is Hip called BATS: A Personal Essay on the Order Chiroptera with Parenthetical Tangents.

If you've seen that article already, you might remember that part of the article includes a few bits of trivia about bats, including a mention that the US Postal Office had never issued a postage stamp featuring bats (although they regularly put all sorts of other species on stamps). This piece of trivia I'd originally found in a detailed article about bats on postage stamps in the Spring 1999 issue of Bats, Bat Conservation International's member publication.

Well, recently I found out that the US Postal Office has now issued a commemorative edition picturing American Bats on stamps. The edition, released just this September, has four different stamp designs with four different species of bats featured.

Sooooo, if the idea of being able to have bats on your postage stamps gives you a special little tingle, well, see the US Post Office's website for details.

I usually pay little attention to what's on my postage stamps as I'm usually just lucky to scrounge up a stamp in my mess when I need one that actually happens to have the correct postage according to current rates. So, I don't much tend to care what's pictured on it as long as it's still usable without having to also try to scrounge up any 1-cent and 2-cent stamps that I might or might not still have as well.

But I even broke down and bought some of these bat stamps. Just had to.

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May 22, 2002

My Friend is in a Martini Shaker

Updating, updating, updating.

Well, I think I've proved myself lackadaisical about this blog/journal thing. I figured I would be. Although I certainly don't mind being self-referential and relating anecdotes, I haven't the stomach to sit down regularly and regurgitate everything in journal form. I don't even write in my private journals that extensively anymore. But there are reasons for that. And what are they?

Oh, please. I am half-mad, ya know. Do not make me elucidate.

I started several entries over the last couple of months for this thing, but I almost always got interrupted before I finished them. So. I did not finish them. And most of them seem far away and not worth finishing now.

So, maybe, I'll just finish something else instead.

However, I've been more recently embroiled in updates, some of which are worth pointing out here. Beginning of May, I helped to get a mini-update pulled together for the long-neglected Suffering is Hip. See SiH's NEWS for that.

I added a new section to the Bat Cafe -- the "booklets" page. Threw a downloadable PDF of a booklet (it's about 75 pages long) of my old poetry on there. It's the online version of a booklet I made a few years back and printed out for the Marquis. Silly boy. He likes my poetry. Well, actually, quite a few people like it. I'm usually ambivalent about it. My poetry is often just my cerebellum leaking. Nothing well-crafted or anything, usually. But I guess it has its moments.

Then I did a little maintenance redesign on SINS OF COFFEE, including the tribute page to Norman.

I went to visit Norman's niche in the Columbarium in March and took a photo with the digital camera (such a handy gadget). I've been meaning to get a photo of his niche for a long time now.

Note there's a French flag in his flower vase in this photo. That gave me a smile. Now, WHO put THAT there? Emmitt Watson, the caretaker of the Columbarium, told me the flag's been there for quite some time. I suspect someone who has read about Norman on Sepulchritude's/Sins of Coffee's pages might have placed it there -- as I can't quite figure out why someone else would put a French flag there. Unless one of Norman's other friends I wasn't so well-acquainted with had some sort of French in-joke with him ....

But if my suspicions are near to the truth, I suppose here would be as good a place as any to say --okay, 'fess up. What amenable personage has been anointing Norman's niche with French flags??? (curiosity maimed the bat, ya know .....).

The anniversary (nine years) of Norman's death is coming up next month. Sigh. I do still miss him terribly. I think he would have damn well enjoyed all we all have gotten up to these last nine years. But then, I think Norman's been damn well enjoying becoming a minorly notable landmark just where he is. (Cheers, Norman!)

Speaking of where Norman is and as I did mention Emmitt Watson, the Columbarium's caretaker, I do have one particular unfinished entry I started in March that I think it's time to finally get around to posting. March was a rather peculiar month for me. Both the unexpected and synchronicity seemed to mark most of it. And my visit to see Norman in March (when I took the photo) turned into quite the unexpected little adventure.

{And one that had been brought about by the synchronicity of the chairs -- but the story about the chairs is yet another unfinished entry I started in March -- but one I'll just have to save (or else I fear I'll never get THIS one finished)}

So, on a Friday back in late March, Laszlo and I happened to be passing by the neighborhood of the Columbarium around 8 in the morning. I was pretty sure the Columbarium would probably not be open that early, but thought we might check the hours on the door, since I always forget them and I'd been meaning to pay Norman a visit. (Partially because of the chairs .... later, later ....)

As I walked up towards the door, a friendly groundskeeper wandered over to find out what I was looking for. I told him I wanted to know the hours just so I could come back at a time when I could visit my friend inside. He told me what the hours were and then asked who my friend was. I told him my friend was the guy in the martini shaker.

"Oh, don't tell me ..." he says.

"Norman," I replied

"Yes. Norman Whited."

I smiled. "Yes, that's him. I've even had martinis from that shaker," I told him, adding: "Not lately, though, of course."

With that, I was graciously and heartily welcomed by this friendly man, who turned out to be Mr. Emmitt Watson -- caretaker, groundskeeper, historian (and more) of the Columbarium. He's really, I think, the unofficial Prince of this Necropolis and rather a fascinating person to chat with and listen to. I realized later on that I'd heard of him before -- he gets the occasional write-up in the local papers and other friends of mine had met him before on visits to the Columbarium. Although I've been to visit Norman before, somehow, I'd not yet had the pleasure. (Although I also realized he was the one I'd written a letter to some years ago after reading one of the articles that mentioned how he enjoys collecting stories of the people who reside within the Columbarium's walls. Of course, upon reading that, I just had to send him a couple of Norman stories ....)

Anyway, after exchanging these introductions, Emmitt Watson led us into the Columbarium (which was, as I had thought, not officially open that early in the morning) and showed us around, told us stories, and chatted with us. When we wound our way up to the floor to where Norman's niche is, he let us have time to say hello to Norman. Then, he continued to show us around. We ended up spending at least a couple of hours with Emmitt Watson, getting this delightful impromptu tour of the place. The man has stories. Lots of stories and history. And a reverence for the place and the people interred there that is just remarkable.

Norman is being looked after quite well, I would say. As are all the others. Some of whom I know a little about now, thanks to the stories I heard from the unofficial Prince of that Necropolis.

Emmitt Watson gives official tours, by the way, and many of the fascinating stories he told me that morning are the stories he tells on the official tours. This is one unique tour I think well worthwhile. (For Columbarium information, see this listing.)

So, if you do happen to ever find yourself at the Columbarium, on the tour or perhaps visiting a friend of yours, don't forget to wave to Norman. You'll know who he is. He's one of the stories.

And I don't doubt Norman is giggling in glee somewhere over that.

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January 21, 2002

Web Page Redo

I seem to have started in on a graphics cycle that just won't leave me alone. Everything requires something else to be done. Although I started messing with some graphics projects and some web page re-hashing in order to take a break from writing, now the graphics have taken over my attentions, and I bloody well want to stop.

Lessee. What have I done that is viewable? Bloody little, actually. I did a bunch of stuff in preparation for a bunch of other stuff mostly. Although I DID register my own domain, finally: batcafe.com, and moved the "Bat Cafe" newish sub-section over to that before it grew mold. I redid the Poefest on Sepulchritude front page. (Happy Edgar Allan Poe day, two days late, by the way). I did this or that.

And just as news for the current thread going on in my guestbook -- I've been experimenting with Quicktime movie stuff -- so .... if I can figure out how to compress the dang thing enough, perhaps, just perhaps, "Une Saison En Enfer, Mon Amour" might surface on web page in the conceivable near future .....

I must cease with the graphics binge soon, though, because I WAS, before I started in on this, in the midst of working on a novel. I only meant to take a short hiatus from writing on it -- to let the research settle, as it were ....

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December 11, 2001

In between naps

In between naps, I might decide to rant a little. I might even tell you about the orangutangs.

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