by Mordantia Bat 


Conspicuous Sepulchritude Editors, 1995

We were hungover.
We'd been drinking a lot of coffee.
We were in the mood to pose for the camera.




We'd been to some party the night before. The Marquis and I had crashed over at the Lyon Street house afterwards. The Lyon Street house, at that time, was where Kallisti, Melusine, Shannon, and Vaughn lived.

As neither the Marquis nor I had planned to crash there the night before, we were still dressed in our party frocks in the morning. And, I'll admit, looking especially conspicuous in the harsh light of day.

Kallisti decided to join us in our conspicuousness and changed into a costume herself. What a sport!

We drank more coffee. And inevitably decided we were conspicuous enough that photos ought to be taken.

In retrospect, it is too bad Melusine had already gone out for the day long before we got particularly conspicuous.It would have been nice for this page to have had photos of all four editors being flagrantly conspicuous. C'est la vie.

Bat sitting, Kallisti standing.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think we might be holding apples. I think we might have been trying to been trying to allude to the Golden Apples from the myth where Kallisti took her name.

Yup. Even in the midst of a hangover, we somehow still can't resist any tawdry excuse for a metaphor.

The Marquis channelling a Bauhaus moment.

I claw at the window outside while the
Marquis practices his forlorn look.





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