Ancient History

First Cup

80s, 90s

1982 - Sha La La La La

1983 - Proto-bat

1984 - Mo(u)rning

1986 - New Noire Stars of the 90s

1986 - Living at Night Isn't ...

1990 - Ground Zero: Plotting the Art Revolution

1992 - Edgar Allan Poe party w/sunglasses

1995 - Conspicuous Sepulchritude Editors


July 2000 - Mounds!

Jan 2001 - E.A. Poe's Birthday Cake


2000 - Obituary/Memorial for my cat

The Magic Sunglasses


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This started out in June of 2000 as a few pages I slapped together after finding some old photos when I was digging through boxes and the layers of stuff on my floor. My flat is not at all tidy (the mess is almost legendary amongst my friends). So, my filing system is more along the lines of an archaeological dig than — well — a filing system. Thus, if I look for one thing, I'm likely to stumble on half-dozen other forgotten but interesting things in the various strata. One can get lost in my junk. People have.

So. finding these batches of old photos, I initially put together about four pages just for fun and emailed the link to a small group of my friends (many of whom were in some of the photos). I wanted to affectionately taunt them with our shared pasts and haircuts.

Hence, the title of the photogallery. But these pages are moving beyond my youth, misspent or otherwise, into a sort of a memoir-in-the-making. Perhaps a travelogue of the doomed.

And you're invited along for the ride. Objects in the mirror appear closer than they are. Have a nice trip.

                                          — Bat      



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Though Bat misspent her youth well, she still ended up with some change leftover. So, she plans on having a misspent dotage as well. For some more recent slices into Bat's life, see her journal/blog Extispicy.